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This page is intended for the use of Dental Practices for whom we offer a referral service for 3D X-Ray Imaging.


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We are proud to provide a guideline for 3D scanning. Dental Implant Centre Colchester renders Sirona ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, a prominent edge 3D scanner to the citing dentists. The 3G scanner is a top standard dental imaging technology that has pandemic, Cone Beam 3D imaging and voluntary cephalometric arrangements.


This facility is for the dental practitioners who intend to make reference of patients to Dental Implants Centre Colchester for excellent visualisation with 3D CBCT before the dental implant surgery, oral surgery, orthodontic treatment or related oral symptoms.


The patient will be pre-examined by an experienced and skilled dental expert before undergoing a 3D CBCT scan. This will ensure that the correct positioning is carried out prior to the image exposure and that any radiographic stent is correctly placed during the procedure.    

3D imaging is a powerful tool that provides a more accurate approach to treatment planning. The 3D image allows medical experts to have a close look at the anatomical figures with three dimensional reformations and cross-sectional views.

3D CBCT Scan Referral service

Patients can be referred to us by dental clinics so that they can receive the fullest pre and post dental care.

3D Scanner grants you to:

  • Detailed structural examination
  • Reduces risk of damaging nerves during implant surgery
  • Verify exact teeth positioning of impacted teeth
  • Allows accurate pre-treatment plan
  • Precise treatment plan reduces treatment time
  • Put patients at ease with a thorough and treatment plan

Advantages to the patients:

  • A more safe and secure treatment
  • Better communication and understanding with the patient
  • Better Implant success rate
  • Low radiation dose for patients – approximately 10 times lesser than clinical x-ray scanners
  • Pre-examination of the patient by an experienced dental expert before 3D CBCT scan

We invite all referring practitioners to join Dental Implant Colchester for the 3D scanning treatment where possible

Price for 3D scanning

Charges can be applied to the patient directly or an invoice will be sent to the citing clinician.

The fees will be accepted, from the patient when they come for pre-checkups and scanning until there are any preparations done by the referrer for the payment process. Cheques, credit cards, debit cards and cash payment are accepted payment methods.

Costs and scan options

CT SCAN: £99.00
Dental OPG: £46

Referring a patient

Kindly utilise the referral form for 3D Digital Imaging and fax us back on 01206 835097.
Send at our Postal address - 13A Nayland Road Colchester, Essex CO45EG Or scan and email to: [email protected]

Your patient is likely to stay with us for around half an hour. They need to remove all the metal accessories worn which may interrupt in the imaging process. For more information, feel free to contact our practice on 01206 752500.

Colchester Dental Implant Centre avoids reporting on radiograpghs and scans provided for citing dental experts. To participate in the irmer 2000 regulations, all scans and radiographs are needed to be rechecked and reported by the recommending expert or by a radiologist. We heartily suggest to report upon all scans and radiographic analizations to eliminate the probability of circumstancial pathology.

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