Dental Implant Surgery

Factors to Consider Before Dental Implant Surgery

Being the most natural form of tooth replacement, dental implants are an ever advancing field of dentistry. With its long-term results and safety measures adapted during the surgery, implants have achieved wide acceptance. However, not everyone is fit for undergoing the effective surgical process. The reason can vary from person to person depending on their lifestyle and oral conditions. Read on to know about some factors that restricts a person from undergoing implants.

Dental Phobia

The very first thing that concerns that prevents oral surgery is whether the patient is mentally prepared for the process or not. Even if it is completely painless, a person who suffers from oral anxiety or fear finds it hard to undergo such an invasive treatment. Most dental clinics work to help the anxious and nervous patients get rid of their phobia, so if you also belong to the category, it is advised that you visit dental implant centre in Colchester for their friendly and caring approach to help you overcome your fears.


Unfortunately, it is sad news for chain smokers who accidentally miss a tooth. They will have to sacrifice smoking in order to get implants. The dentist will first ask you if you can let go your habit of smoking after and all while the treatment process. If you don’t agree with the dental expert’s advice, you may not be able to have the surgery as continuing smoking with the artificial tooth may affect them adversely. There are other alternatives for tooth replacement which you can undergo instead of dental implants. Most Clinics offer a smoke cessation treatment to help you kick your habit in favour of a healthier lifestyle and a perfect smile!

Bone grafting

If you have been wearing dentures for a long time or suffered from a lost tooth, you might have by now lost your bone. This is quite natural when a tooth is lost and not replaced since long. As implants are to be attached to the area of a healthy bone, it becomes difficult for a dentist to place it at the right place in case of bone loss. In such a case, you need to go for bone grafting which involves building up a bone in the area where the implant is to be placed. Though the process is costly, and may take time but the results are overwhelming and satisfactory. 


Undoubtedly, it is known that the surgery is an expensive process when compared to its other alternatives. So, a patient who has a fixed budget for the oral treatment might not be able to take advantage of the treatment. But there are works around! Most reputable dental practices offer dental finance to help you make affordable monthly payments towards the treatment.

Hopefully, you can make a better decision regarding your plan of tooth replacement with these factors in mind. Colchester dental implants can help you with the process of dental implants to get back the lost smile.

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