Dental Implants with 3D Imaging

Increased Accuracy from Dental Implants with 3D Imaging

Dental Implants are gaining tremendous popularity with its adaptation of new treatment techniques in recent times. It is the most acceptable alternative chosen for tooth replacement. It basically involves a process of replacing your missing tooth with an artificial tooth. These days, implants are fixed with crowns to preserve the look of natural teeth and jaw structure. This also helps prevent atrophy from loss of the tooth bone. The cosmetic issues related with a lost tooth can be treated temporarily with dentures or bridges. The only permanent solution available for this problem is dental implants. Go through the blog to know about the most advanced technique adapted for implants – 3D x-ray imaging.


Composition of an implant


A dental implant is an artificial arrangement for your missing tooth. It comprises of titanium screws which is placed as a fake root to support the crown or prosthetic tooth. With time, these screws combine with the bone naturally. A surgery of dental implants in Colchester right after losing a tooth can save you from bone loss.


Dental implants with 3D Imaging


In recent times, 3D imaging has rendered a new face to dentistry. It has shown great results when implemented for dental implant surgery. The purely computerised treatment technique enables the dentists to perform faster implant treatments. The experienced results are highly successful and long-lasting. The digital imaging allows the dental experts to examine the jaw anatomy more closely and accurately. The increased accuracy rate is the secret of the purely authentic and assured results from the implant surgery. 


The technique not just reduces the treatment time but also saves your pocket greatly. To make it brief, it is like viewing your jaw structure on a digital screen while you are under treatment. The natural and lively 3D images works as suitable assistance for the dentist to decide for the exact locations of nerves, sinuses and blood vessels, to avoid any complications post treatment. He/she can get a clear assess to the bone density and placing the implant at the right location, thus, delivering the intended outcome.


The surgical planning with help of details collected from the CT scan also helps the dental practitioner to have a clear map of your mouth and mark the exact oral problems before implementing the treatment plan for implants. The image clarity is a helpful asset in knowing the specific and exact location of implant insertion across the gum tissue. In this way, you can heal your tooth sooner as the gum tissue remains preserved throughout the process.


With Colchester dental implants, you can even replace more than one tooth as per your dental need following the recommendations of your dentist. The surgical methodology takes just an hour to gift you your lost smile back on your face.

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